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Guarding Against Court Action



There is a serious problem before Homoeopaths, quiet a large number of whom are not qualified but registered in various councils. There are many who are amateurs turning professionals, who wish to call themselves not only homoeopaths, but as Doctors, passing off as qualified by getting various Degrees and Diplomas, even M.D. sold to them by unscrupulous vendors. The following quotation from "Vital Informer" will show the situation*:

An alleged bogus homoeopath, Ms. SuvarnaBaljekar, has been directed to pay Rs.20,000 by way of compensation and expenses to Mr. Rohit Bhatt, who suffered adverse effects after being treated by her..........

..........Mr. Bhatt told the court that his digestive system got sensitised following the treatment and he developed an acidity.

He also told that he suffered mental tension and depression because of the treatment..........

..........Mr. Bhatt learnt from the Maharashtra Council of Homoeopathy that Ms. Baljekar was not a registered medical practitioner of Homoeopathy. He reported this to the C.I.D. crime branch at Thane.

..........After examining the complaint, Mr. Justice Loney and Ms. Ellen P. Dharkar found that Ms. Baljekar had printed a visiting card which showed her designation as Dr. (Ms.) SuvarnaBaljekar, consultant nutritionist, dietitian and Homoeopath..........she even put up a board advertising her services as a doctor.

..........The Council..........found that Ms. Baljekar had a certificate as a registered medical practitioner (RMP) from Bihar. A Complaint was also lodged with the police that she was a bogus doctor.

..........Mr. Justice Loney and Ms. Dharkar observed that it was clear Ms. Baljekar had impersonated as a homoeopath and sold medicines to Mr. Bhatt knowing fully well her averments were false.

..........They observed that it was to the credit of Mr. Bhatt that he pursued his claim to expose this bogus doctor more to bring to light the fraud than to earn money by way of compensation.

Let us note that the Judge did not mention the adverse effects of homoeopathic treatment on the deteriorating health of Mr. Bhatt. We know this cannot be true. But she was found to be bogus and "cheating" with a bogus RMP.

Please note that she could have in her turn gone to the same court and claimed compensation from the person who "sold" the RMP Certificate, which promised that she could be a Doctor. The court did not bother to prosecute or charge this vendor. Even now there are people who sell "Bogus" diplomas to gullible amateurs. This has become big business. The Ceylon - Trichy nexus offers M.D. M.A. (Calling it alternative medicines) but selling it to Homoeopaths at Homoeopathic Seminars.

It is strange that while in criminal cases, not only the actual murderer but the "Instigator" is charged, in this business, only the gullible guy is found guilty.

At a conference, I have suggested the following:

  • If you are registered simply call yourself Homoeopaths.
  • Don't add degrees, esp. M.D. etc. It is on this point you will be liable for fraud.
  • Keep clear records - in patients words as far as possible.
  • Say that there is no charge for "Medicine value" - only you charge for your services or treatment.
  • Have atleast one good allopath as consultant - and refer difficult cases to him.
  • Try to have a good lawyer as a patient.