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Ignatia- Sure Cure For Acute

Ignatia - Sure Cure For Acute


In a case of typhoid like fever of 4 days duration the attending doctor sought my opinion. When I was about to say, a friend next to me said, "give Ignatia". Indication being high fever with relative Bradycardia. The temperature touched near normal in few hours with Ignatia Q. In another case Fever alternating with headache, Ignatia 200 put an end to both in a day.

DrS.P.Koppikar says, "The first lesson on the tremendous power of Ignatia was taught to me by my uncle Dr. D.N. Koppikar who said that he found only three remedies capable of curing Bubonic Plague: Lachesis, Anthracinum and Ignatia. In fact Ignatia was his first choice in case of doubt. He always prescribed above 1000th potency for this disease, in repeated doses"

Dr. Edmond Carleton has cured a case of appendicitis with Ignatia 200 and that patient has prescribed Ignatia to every appendicitis case and cured them. Dr. S.P.Koppikar confirms this in one of his case of a pregnant lady with appendicitis. He says "My real qualification was that I had read Edmond Carleton. Ignatia 200/ 6doses stopped all trouble and she had a normal delivery and went home happy.

Hahnemann in MMP with reference to epilepsy says, " a person has, for the first time in his life, been seized with epilepsy which assumes a serious character by its duration or rapid recurrence, a single small dose of Ignatia -tincture may be relied upon for relief and generally for permanent cure (as I have seen). But it is otherwise with chronic epilepsy. it cannot be of permanent benefit." ( Hahnemann details about alternating action of Ignatia which is very interesting to read.)

Can we repeat Ignatia?. If any aggravation what to do? Hahnemann gives the answer. "When the aggravation from this dose taken place, a second dose of the same remedy may produce the contrary, and thus bring about a lasting improvement, as I have at least perceived in Ignatia. "What your mind does not know your eyes will not see". Now I know why we get lots of Ignatia cases.