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Homoeopathic consultation



Dr.V.Veerapathiran M.D.(Hom)

For those of you who are new to homoeopathic consultation there are few things you need to know before meeting your homoeopathic physician. First, Homoeopathic case taking is different from other systems of medicine. For instance in other system of medicine they need to diagnose your condition and probably your medical and family history is sufficient enough to prescribe medicines for your disease. In a homoeopathic interview this is just one part; your homoeopath will need plenty of other information pertaining to you and the nature of your problem. For instance let’s assume a person is suffering from migraine. Apart for your medical history, your physician would require the following information about you like the following mentioned below to understand and give you medications.

  • Your personality trait,if you are an introvert or extrovert.
  • Your need for constant consolation when in trouble.
  • You’re past emotional traumas.
  • Your likes/ dislikes/ aversions towards any things,place,person.
  • Relationship to thermal, whether you are hot person / cold person / ambi thermal (neither hot nor cold).
  • Whether the pain is in right side or left or is it shifting sides.
  • What time of the day can you feel more pain? (Morning evening, night).
  • How does the pain feel (throbbing, shooting etc.).
  • Do you feel the pain more before or after food? Does it subside after taking food?
  • Does the pain aggravate after exposure to sun or after work or stress related situations.
  • How does the pain ameliorate like lying down in a dark room or tying band around your head?

Based on all the above factors your homoeopathic physician will decide which remedy would suit you best. Your homoeopathic physician needs your disease diagnosis only to see the prognosis of your condition and to provide proper diet and regimen according to your illness.In order to prescribe medications, all details I have mentioned so far play a vital role. In Homoeopathy, we prescribe for the person suffering with disease and not to the disease/ particular part, which suffers (e.g. Hyperthyroidism or Migraine). So next time before visiting a homoeopathic doctor just listen to your body beyond symptoms.