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Mercury some experience with

Mercury - Some Experience With


One most peculiar thing that I have found about Mercury in my experience is that it worked along with quite a few other drugs either as complementary or supplementary or in combination with other metals, especially Gold. No wonder it has high position as Amalgam in filling dental cavities. I have so far never met a case where Mercury alone cured.

In the early years of practice in 1938 to 45 in Chennai, both adults and children used to suffer from summer boils and abscesses. The Surgeons used to frighten them that the pus MUST be let out by operations, as it would be getting mixed with blood if absorbed. I became very well known because of two of our greatest pus absorbers -MERC.SOL and GUN POWDER. Merc sol 200, 1000 once in 2 or 3 days and Gun powder 3x, 3-4 times a day, CURED and REABSORBED PUS even in large abscesses with full of pus. I was of course adding sometime Sulphur 1000 and Tuberculinum Bovinum 1000. No Heparsulph or Silicea was given due to their tendency to let out the pus. Gun powder is our sheet anchor in this but mercury is the sole support.

Next maximum use was in teeth and gums trouble. Teeth loose at base, quite a few fallen off -Gums bleeding, pain worse by heat and cold. Surprisingly Carbo veg and Vit C did speed up. The pain by heat and cold needed Sulphur 30 morning and Merc sol 30in evenings daily for some times. I find these two great chronic specifics of Hahnemann got needed quite a lot in liver trouble, lung abscesses and even pleurisy with hydrothorax (in the form of Merc sulph). Septic tonsils with offensive smell and salivation need the Mercury. Iodides Bin or Proto. with pain up to ears.

Some years back I read a very interesting article in a weekly journal. In a small Island off Japan, where the only occupation for its people was fishing and the main articles of diet also happened to be fish, there has been no children born for some years, no pregnancies.

The government sent a team of doctors and specialists in biochemistry to find out the reason. They found that the women were normal, but the men suffered from Azoospermia/ Oligospermia. The few sperms found were also not active. A thorough check up of their diet revealed that they all were eating daily some fish peculiar to that region.

Examination revealed that they carried Mercury in their bodies. A large factory using mercury had grown up on the main land opposite the island and throwing unwanted waste chemicals in to the sea. The government ordered closure of the company, and only slowly the men became normal.

A drug that can produce a disease can cure it. I am trying mercury on this. But I find here Aurum met with undeveloped testis, is needed. I wish you try the high potencies of both at intervals and note results carefully.