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Myths and facts



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Homoeopathic Medicines usually acts slowly

No, it is not. Often people come to a homoeopath as a last resort. By the time they decide to come the disease will be well developed. Therefore it will take longer time to cure because of the advancement of the disease rather than medications itself.

Homoeopathy Medicines have steroids

No. None of the Homoeopathic potentized medicine have materialistic substances in them. Homoeopathic remedial dosage is not based on the quantity of the substance rather on the quality.

Homoeopathy is not Scientific

It is a scientific field. The effectiveness of homoeopathy is proved and reproved again. It has been proved both clinically and scientifically.

Diet Restriction in Homoeopathy

There are no such restrictions in Homoeopathy. Diet will be applicable according to the nature of the disease you are suffering from.

Tea/Coffee Taboo

It’s not necessary for you to stop tea/coffee completely. Coffee or tea may act as an antidote for some medicines therefore it is prudent to take coffee or tea 30 minutes before or after consuming the medicine.

Can Homoeopathy treat serious illness like Cancer, Multiple Sclerosis and Paralysis?

Homoeopathy can treat all sorts of acute or chronic illnesses just like any other system of medicine. Homoeopathy also has its own scope and limitations. In case of accidents or severe blood, loss mechanical aid or blood transfusion is necessary.